Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Go local: Fields at Crombie, Fife

The field is a few minutes’ drive from my home in Cairneyhill.  Not only is it planted with wheat, which provides the foreground interest, but it’s advantage over other local fields is that it’s on a small hill and gives views across to the north-west where the sun sets at this time of the year.  It’s a place I can get to if the sky suddenly develops some colour around sunset. A lay-by at the entrance to the field provided easy parking.  The channels created by the tractors make natural lead-in lines and break up the continuous swathes of green whilst adding shadow areas too.  Tonight I left the house at 9:35pm, got parked up at 9:40pm, was set up in the field by 9:50pm, spent 30 mins photographing the sunset and gloaming light following sunset and was back home for 10:35pm.  Pretty good mini-session I'd say. 

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